You Can Now Make Your Own Pepsi At Home With A SodaStream

SodaStream recently said it’d be focusing more on sparkling waters than on competing with traditional sodas, but it seems now that even if it did want to beat Big Soda, it’d rather just join’em, instead: after a limited trial run of Pepsi-flavored caps in Florida last year, SodaStream is expanding the partnership to offer the caps filled with Pepsi and Sierra Mist flavors to everyone.

Pepsi says the caps will be available through the SodaStream website and will be sold at about 50 Bed Bath & Beyond stores as well, reports Reuters, with a four-cap pack selling for $3.49.

Each cap will flavor about a half liter of carbonated water, using a system that allows the caps to latch onto the top of SodaStream bottles and then release its contents.

The twosome will be competing with the other major name in the soda business, Coca-Cola, and SodaStream’s rival, Keurig. Those two companies previously announced plans to start selling a cold beverage machine for at-home use, called, aptly enough, the Keurig Kold Machine, this fall.

PepsiCo deepens ties with SodaStream for homemade product [Reuters]

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