Keurig Killing Kold Soda Machine After Less Than A Year On The Market, Will Offer Customers Full Refunds

Keurig Green Mountain’s big hopes for an at-home soda machine to rival SodaStream have gone flat: the company says it’s dropping the KOLD machine after less than a year on the market, and will offer customers a full refund for the countertop appliances.

Keurig said on Tuesday that it’s discontinuing the first generation of KOLD, which sold for a suggested retail price of $369.99. Each soda pod cost more than a dollar, making the KOLD machine a lot more expensive than just buying and storing your own soda in the fridge. That also frees up a lot of counter room.

“We value the trust our consumers put in the Keurig brand and believe that offering a refund is the right thing to do,” a company spokesperson said in a statement. “While KOLD pods will be available while supplies last, we are discontinuing the product and consumers will eventually exhaust their pod supply. At that point, they will be unable to use their appliance.”

Keurig says it is “proactively reaching out to consumers that either purchased directly from Keurig or subsequently registered their product” with the company.

If you’ve purchased a KOLD, visit to submit a refund request. You’ll need a legible photo of your KOLD drinkmaker’s serial number as well as proof of purchase, the company says, and it will only process one refund per serial number. Once a request has been accepted it will take an estimated two to three weeks for a refund check to be issued.

Refund requests will be honored through Aug. 31, 2016, the company said. Customers with questions can also call (855)721-4002.

The end of the KOLD machine will come with bad news for 130 employees who will be laid off as a result, most of them in Vermont, The Associated Press reports.

Keurig didn’t explain why it was pulling the plug on KOLD but did acknowledge to the AP that it learned from the experience and would incorporate that knowledge into future beverage endeavors. It also noted that “the initial execution of our KOLD system did not meet consumer expectations.”

The company has already yanked the KOLD from its site, as the product page has a note that it is “no longer available” and “out of stock.”

The news may be a shock to the company’s blogging team, however, which just posted a recipe for a KOLD strawberry shortcake cocktail on May 20.

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