3 Fancy Dishwasher Features You Can Do Without

Image courtesy of Anne Makaske

There are few things nicer than finishing a big meal and being able to avoid another 30 minutes at the sink washing plates, pans, and silverware by placing them inside a machine that does all the work for you. As technology advances, dishwashers have become increasingly more elaborate, but do you really need all of those extra features? In short, not really.

That’s according to our colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports who have seen their fair share of dishwashers in the past, from the bare-bones models to those with all the bells and whistles.

And, as it turns out, those souped-up machines aren’t really necessary when it comes to the sole purpose of a dishwasher: cleaning dishes.

In fact, CR found several settings or features of new dishwashers that you can simply skip. Here are a few:

• Third Rack — While the idea of having a designated rack for large utensils and small cups might be appealing, adding that row takes up space. If you wanted to place larger items in the bottom rack, you’d have to remove the third rack, essentially defeating its purpose.

• Lighted Inside — Being able to see where you’re placing the dishes is paramount to properly loading the machine, but additional lights inside the dishwasher are’t necessary.

Furthermore, while some models have windows that allow users to watch the washing process, the lights on those machines only turn on when the door is open.

• Extra Wash Cycles — To get your dishes extra clean, you might be tempted to run a heavy-duty cycle (which is likely unnecessary), but for most users the normal setting is the most used.

Newer dishwashers now offer settings in addition to the three typical washes — light, normal, and heavy-duty. But according to CR, you don’t really need those.

For one, you probably won’t use them, including the “sanitizing cycle,” which CR found wouldn’t necessarily clean dishes any better.

For more dishwasher settings you can skip — and ratings for the latest and greatest machines — check out Consumer Reports.

5 Dishwasher Features You Can Skip [Consumer Reports]

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