Google Fiber Might Take Broadband Battle To AT&T’s Home Turf

While Google Fiber is going up against AT&T in a number of markets — including Kansas City, Austin, and Atlanta — it has yet to venture into the Death Star’s home turf of Dallas. However, this morning Google announced that Dallas has been added to the list of possible Fiber markets.

In a blog post published today, Google revealed that Dallas is now under consideration for Fiber service, and that the company is working with Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings to go through the checklist of things Google needs to know about before it can decide whether or not to begin construction of a new network.

“Building a fiber optic network through a dense and complex urban environment like Dallas is challenging,” writes Jill Szuchmacher, Fiber’s Director of Expansion, “these discussions will help us deploy our network efficiently and responsibly.”

“It’s obvious they believe Dallas is one of the premiere growth markets where if they brought this product in, it could be very financially beneficial to them,” Rawlings tells the Dallas Morning News.

The company clarifies that it’s still “early days” in these discussions. If it all works, out, Dallas would be the third Texas city to get Fiber. The Austin network has been operative for a few years, while San Antonio’s is currently under construction.

More importantly, if Google Fiber moves into Dallas, it will likely mean lower prices — even if customers stick with AT&T for high-speed broadband.

AT&T currently offers its fiberoptic GigaPower network in the Dallas area, but charges $90/month for the service. However, as we’ve seen in the markets where Google Fiber either competes with (or will soon compete with) AT&T, that price drops significantly to retain customers.

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