Want To Know Oreo’s New Stunt Flavor? You’ll Have To Buy It

Oreo’s stunt flavors are now a normal part of the cookie landscape, with snack giant Mondelez announcing new limited-time flavors like cinnamon bun or fruit punch every few months. Now the company has taken stunt food even farther, introducing cookies with “mystery flavored creme” and asking the public what flavor it is.

No, Mondelez isn’t doing this because it has no idea what the flavor is. It’s a sweepstakes with cash prizes. Anyone can enter, but only people who guess the mystery flavor correctly get an official entry in the contest.

Naturally, people have already started to share their guesses online. Whatever the flavor is, Oreo has paired it with chocolate cookie wafers. The most common guess so far is “Froot Loops.” Other guesses have included creamsicle and lemon. None of these flavors pairs particularly well with chocolate cookie wafers.

An editor at Delish described the creme flavor as “like the Axe body spray of Fruity Pebbles.” Keep that in mind if you want to try it.

This sounds familiar

Oreo’s last cereal-themed flavor was the colored and flavored crisped rice most commonly known as Fruity Pebbles, but the company went with the generic “Fruity Crisp.”

This isn’t the first contest where a company has asked customers to try mystery flavors: Doritos ran a similar promotion in 2014. In that case, though, customers were asked to choose a favorite, not to identify a vaguely fruit-like artificial flavor.

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