A Good Way To Ruin A Roller Coaster Ride For Everyone Else? Pull Out A Selfie Stick

As if selfie sticks aren’t obnoxious enough when they go waving through the air, threatening to smack unsuspecting bystanders in the face, visitors at Disneyland had their roller coaster fun interrupted when their fellow passenger whipped out one of the extension devices in the middle of the ride.

Riders on Disney’s California Adventure’s California Screamin’ were likely in the mood for screaming yesterday, but not because the ride was so thrilling — because a passenger stuck out a selfie stick while the coaster was in progress, reports the OC Register.

Those gadgets are not allowed on attractions, a park spokeswoman said, adding that the ride was back up within an hour.

The OC Register cited passengers who Tweeted that the ride shut down at the top of the drop, and that the ride was evacuated.

Selfie sticks aren’t banned in general at the park, as they are at various museums like the Smithsonian and others around the world due to their propensity to annoy people, but visitors are told to keep them stowed away during rides.

Disney California Adventure roller coaster halted after person pulls out selfie stick [OC Register]

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