6 Children Shocked By Electricity On Connecticut Amusement Park Ride

Image courtesy of WTNH-TV

A day at the amusement park went from thrilling to downright dangerous yesterday, after six children were shocked by electricity while exiting a ride at a Connecticut oceanside park.

Police arrived on the scene on a report of a small child who might’ve been struck by electricity on a ride at Ocean Beach Park in New London just before 2 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, reports WTNH-TV, but discovered a total of six victims who had been shocked. The kids reported feeling a “tingling” when they got off The Scrambler ride.

“Emergency services transported several children to the local hospital, received some type of electrical shock. The most serious injured had some small burns on the palms of his hands from when he touched the metal railing when he was getting off the ride,” New London Deputy Police Chief Peter Reichard told WTNH-TV.

All six children have since been treated and released from the hospital. The ride has been closed while officials investigate what caused the electrical surge.

“The safety of our guests is always our number one priority,” Ocean Beach Park said in a statement. “The Connecticut State Police had been here all afternoon along with local police and the Fire Marshal’s office. We will continue to work closely to find out the answer.”

Investigation begins after 6 children shocked on amusement park ride [WTNH-TV]

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