Uber Allows Users To Track Other Riders’ Trips In Family Profiles

After years of turning a blind eye to Uber users who broke the company’s rules by hailing rides for people other than themselves, Uber recently introduced the “Family Profile” option to allow multiple riders to share the same account. Now the company is letting people in the same “Family” track each other’s rides.


Uber launched Trip Tracker on Tuesday, a function that provides automatic updates and the ability to follow a ride being taken under a Family Profile account.

Trip Tracker was added as a safety feature, in part to be offer Family Profile members (who don’t really need to be related) piece of mind when sending others on their way.

“At Uber, we are constantly looking for new ways to use technology to improve safety for riders and drivers,” Marie Hagman, senior product manager for Uber, said in a statement. “So, the next time one of your family members is headed out – you’ll know when they are on their way, which route they are taking and when they’ve arrived.”

Here’s how it works: once someone in your Family Profile requests a ride, you’ll be notified with the option to track the ride. You can then follow the ride’s progress on the map inside the Uber app.

Because Uber’s Family Profiles can include riders in different cities, the Tracker will be able to show trips taking places in different cities, states, or countries.

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