General Mills To Inflict Pumpkin Spice Cheerios On The World

Image courtesy of kyle tsui

You probably thought that just because fall is months away, that means you won’t have to read about any new pumpkin spice flavored products going on the market. Don’t be silly: today, General Mills announced that pumpkin spice Cheerios are a real thing that will be happening. None of us are safe.

pumpkin_spice_cheeriosGeneral Mills seems to be using the logic that limited-time novelty flavors are working out for the candy and cookie industries, so perhaps they could work to attract attention to the Cheerios brand. While there’s a surprising variety of Cheerio flavors on the market, they haven’t tried limited-time flavors since 2000. (There’s a difference between failed flavors that don’t stick around for long, and limited-time flavors that are meant to be seasonal.)

The spring and summer limited-time flavor is strawberry, which you should be able to find on shelves now if it interests you. Pumpkin spice will arrive when pumpkin spice season does, which is usually around Labor Day, but can inexplicably come as early as July.

The cereal industry as a whole has been declining in recent years, as Americans have turned away from gluten and carbohydrates and toward breakfast options that are even more portable, like fast food or cereal bars.

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