Coca-Cola Giving Its Bottles & Cans A Makeover With New “One-Brand” Design

cokeonebrandThe next time you go for a can of Diet Coke, you might need to look twice to make sure you aren’t grabbing the full-calorie version instead: Coca-Cola is giving all four of its Coke products a makeover it’s calling “One-Brand” packaging that brings to mind the packaging of original Coca-Cola products.

Cans and bottles of Coca-Cola Original, Coca-Cola Zero, Diet Coca-Cola (or Light, depending where you live), and Coca-Cola Life will all prominently feature a bright red disc, on a background of either red (rendering the disc invisible), black, gray, and green, respectively, as well as the product name of each.

The Red Disc is the “signature” element of the company’s new campaign, that it’s using as a unifying color across the brand. Coca-Cola says the move will extend its “One Brand” global marketing strategy to its packaging.


To that end, the new packaging will be the same around the world, starting in Mexico in the first week of May. Similar versions of the Red Disc graphic will launch in additional markets around the world through this year and 2017.

“The unification of the brands through design, marks the first time in our 130-year history that the iconic Coca-Cola visual identity has been shared across products in such a prominent way,” said James Sommerville, Vice President Global Design in a press release.