Baby Book From Lost Luggage Mysteriously Reappears On Family’s Doorstep 3 Months Later

Image courtesy of CBS LA

When a family from near Los Angeles traveled with their toddler to visit family on the other side of the country, they gate-checked a carry-on suitcase that contained family treasures, including their wedding album and their daughter’s baby book. Somewhere during the flight, the bag went missing or was stolen. They assumed that the albums were gone permanently, but then a mysterious car dropped the book on their doorstep and drove away.

Who was in the vehicle? Where did they get the baby book? While the family is very glad to have the book back, the transaction leaves them with a lot of questions. (Warning: auto-play video at that link) Where is the rest of the stuff from the gate-checked suitcase? How did the woman in the car get the personal items?

The family can guess how the person who found the book or stole the suitcase found them, since their home address had been torn off a greeting card envelope inside the baby book.


The airline, JetBlue, says that they are not responsible for the baby book dropoff. They had already settled with the family mother over the replaceable items in her missing suitcase.

Baby Book Presumed Lost By Airline Mysteriously Returned To Mother’s Doorstep 3 Months Laterc [CBS Los Angeles] (Warning: auto-play video!)

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