Coca-Cola Tripling Number Of Names For Next “Share A Coke” Campaign

Last summer, Coca-Cola briefly reversed a decade of sagging sales by slapping a bunch of peoples’ first names on Coke bottles and telling folks to share on social media. And because all follow-ups to successful campaigns must be bigger than the original, the beverage giant is tripling the number of names that will be slapped on bottles when the sequel arrives this summer.

For the 2014 version of the soda equivalent of miniature license plates you buy at roadside souvenir shops, Coca-Cola used 250 of the most common first names among the target teen/millennial market.

AdAge reports that this number will at least triple, perhaps giving hope to all the Borts out there that they may someday stumble upon a bottle of sugar water with their name printed on it.

In addition to amping up the name coverage, the names will appear on a wider variety of packaging. Last year, only 20 oz. Coke bottles were involved in the promotion (though some cans carried generic terms like “BFF” and “High Fructose Corn Syrup”).

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