Kohl’s Ditching In-Store Cafe Concept After Seven-Month Test

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

If you were hoping to one day get a quick pick-me-up while spending all your Kohl’s Cash, you’d better bring your own. Less than a year after the company joined the ranks of retailers like Target, Sam’s Club, IKEA, Costco, and countless others in bringing weary shoppers sustenance while traipsing down the aisles, Kohl’s has ended its cafe concept test, with no expansion on the horizon. 

Kohl’s announced Monday that it would end the seven-month pilot of in-store cafes and remove the experimental coffee shops from two stores in Wisconsin after tests fell short, the Milwaukee Business Journal reports.

“Kohl’s is committed to innovating and testing new ideas to put our customers first and deliver an easy, convenient shopping experience,” Jen Johnson, vice president of corporate communications, tells the Business Journal. “…Although Kohl’s received positive customer feedback, the pilots did not provide the business benefits needed to warrant further testing.”

The retailer opened the “Kohl’s Cafe” stores at the two Wisconsin locations in September as an attempt to keep consumers in stores longer, increasing the chance they’ll buy more stuff.

The cafes served select drinks from Caribou Coffee, as well as snacks, such as granola bars, breakfast bars, chips, cookies, and other quick-grab items.

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