Man Says He’s “Extremely Lucky” After Falling Chipotle Sign Crushes Car With Him Inside

Image courtesy of FOX 59

While a story that starts with a heavy object crushing a car is never going to be a total win for those involved, an Indianapolis man says he’s just grateful that he emerged relatively unscathed after a Chipotle sign fell on his car… while he was sitting inside it.

It all came down to lucky timing in what could have been a very unlucky moment, the man told FOX 59 of his experience over the weekend.

He’d just parked his Honda Accord in a Chipotle restaurant’s parking lot, on a day with very strong winds. He says he was leaning over to get out of the car when the sign fell.

“And next thing I knew I was on the pavement, and didn’t really know what happened,” he told the news station.

“Luckily I was ducking down,” he said, adding that the impact was on the back of his head and pushed him out of the car.

He walked into a Sprint store soon after, bleeding from his head and a bit dazed, to ask for help.

He says he didn’t realize at the time that a heavy brick and cinder block Chipotle sign had crushed his car. Sprint store employees had to fill him on the recent events.

He required five staples for the cut on his head. But after seeing the damage to his car, he says now that he’s fortunate he got out of the car alive.

“So many different ways it could have gone wrong, versus maybe just one way went right in my circumstance,” he said.

Man who survived falling Chipotle sign tells his story [FOX 59]

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