John Kittelsrud

3 Reasons Your Applause Might Not Matter To Pilots

There’s nothing better for a timid flyer than to land safety at their destination after a bumpy, turbulence-filled flight. But before you press those hands together in an exuberant clap, you might want to reconsider. Turns out, some pilots don’t like to receive rousing applause. [More]

Andrew W. Sieber

American Airlines Co-Pilot Dies After Medical Emergency During Landing

The co-pilot of an American Airlines flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Albuquerque experienced a medical issue during landing and died shortly after reaching the gate. [More]

Pizza Hut

Here Are Your Discounts, Freebies, And Bagels To Celebrate National Pizza Day

What are your plans for National Pizza Day? What, you didn’t know that today was National Pizza Day? We can’t blame you, actually, but the non-event means that restaurants, rest stops, and even Amazon’s Alexa-powered devices have special promotions and deals going on that are meant to move more pizza. [More]

Amazon Testing “PrimeAir” Drone Delivery In UK

Amazon Testing “PrimeAir” Drone Delivery In UK

While Amazon hasn’t received the okay to begin using drones to make deliveries in the U.S., that isn’t stopping the e-commerce giant from trying the method in the UK. [More]


Use Of 3D Scans On Carry-On Bags Could Reduce TSA Wait Times By 30%

For much of the spring and beginning of the summer, the Transportation Security Administration and airlines have worked — and spent millions of dollars — to alleviate long lines at security checkpoints at the nation’s airports. Today, the agency unveiled two additional measures to speed things along: computed tomography (CT) scanners to inspect carry-on bags and automated checkpoints.  [More]

(Adam Fagen)

JetBlue Pilot Charged With Flying Plane From Florida To New York Drunk

FAA regulations prohibit pilots from consuming alcohol at least eight hours before flying or having a blood-alcohol level higher than .04%, and it’s a federal crime to fly with a BAC of .10% or higher, which is why a now-former JetBlue pilot is in hot water.

Mike Mozart

Kohl’s Ditching In-Store Cafe Concept After Seven-Month Test

If you were hoping to one day get a quick pick-me-up while spending all your Kohl’s Cash, you’d better bring your own. Less than a year after the company joined the ranks of retailers like Target, Sam’s Club, IKEA, Costco, and countless others in bringing weary shoppers sustenance while traipsing down the aisles, Kohl’s has ended its cafe concept test, with no expansion on the horizon.  [More]


American Airlines Pilot Removed From Flight, Arrested After Failing Breathalyzer

Travelers on an American Airlines flight to Philadelphia encountered an unusual delay on Saturday, when the co-pilot of the plane was arrested after failing a breathalyzer test, resulting in the cancellation of the flight.  [More]

Starbucks Starts Delivery Test In Seattle, Charges A $6 Fee For One Cup Of Coffee

Starbucks Starts Delivery Test In Seattle, Charges A $6 Fee For One Cup Of Coffee

Nearly two months after Starbucks launched a test of its “Green Apron Delivery” concept at the Empire State Building, the coffee giant’s drinks have hit the streets of select Seattle neighborhoods. While the service could no doubt be a welcome convenience for some, the added fee creates a bit of sticker shock.  [More]

(Steven Depolo)

McDonald’s Testing Sales Of Monster Energy Drinks In Five States

Need a little pick-me-up after a greasy burger and fry value meal? McDonald’s thinks it has the answer: sell energy drinks.  [More]

(Nicholas Eckhart)

Kohl’s Testing Cafe Concept At Two Wisconsin Locations

Kohl’s is joining the ranks of retailers like Target, Sam’s Club, IKEA, Costco, and countless others in bringing weary shoppers what they really want: something to snack on while traipsing down the aisles checking off items from their list. [More]

(Daniel Oines)

Kohl’s Hops On The Same-Day Delivery Testing Train

The seemingly never-ending list of retailers wading into the same-day delivery game grew by one this week: Kohl’s will test a quick-delivery service in two markets in an attempt to revamp its digital presence and attract customers who want their purchases to arrive as quickly as possible. [More]

Great Complaint Letter Leads To Replacement Pens, Loyalty

Great Complaint Letter Leads To Replacement Pens, Loyalty

Christopher is an editor, and always needs to keep a red pen at the ready. He even has a preferred brand, the Pilot Precise V5. When he recently found that one of his pens was defective, he wrote a great letter to Pilot about the situation and was amply rewarded with…well, with more pens. [More]

Angry Pilot: Leave This Plane if You Want to Live

Angry Pilot: Leave This Plane if You Want to Live

A comforting thought for anyone whose fear of flying has them questioning the safety of the airplane: If the pilot says it’s safe, you can take some comfort in getting onboard. After all, the pilot’s life is on the line, too, if anything would go wrong.

New Pens! Cheap!

New Pens! Cheap!

I bought three boxes of my favorite pens on eBay. They arrived. Compare the silkiness and plenitude of the three boxes to the two, gnawed, scratchy pens I’d somehow been scraping by with for like, oh, two months. These babies usually retail for $16.99 per box of 12 but I snagged 36 pens for $19.20 plus $3.95 S&H. My life is five thousand times better right now.

Drunk Continental Captain: “How Dry I Am!”

Drunk Continental Captain: “How Dry I Am!”

“Thish ish ya capawhatchamacallit shpeakin…” a voice over the cabin intercom slurs. Looking out the window, you can’t help but notice a landing 747 dropping down out of the sky straight on top of you. Your dilating left eye spasms involuntarily.