Microsoft Bringing Android Notifications To Windows 10 PCs

Image courtesy of JeepersMedia

For those times when your Android smartphone isn’t clutched safely in your hand or resting at an accessible distance nearby, you may experience moments when you’re unaware if you’ve just received a text or missed a phone call. Microsoft says it’s going to ameliorate any uneasiness you may feel by funneling Android phone notifications over to PCs running on Windows 10.

At Build 2016 yesterday, Microsoft laid out its plans to send notifications about missed calls, messages, and other things from Android phones to Windows 10 PCs, reports The Verge.

To accomplish this, Microsoft is using its Cortana app for Android to link the devices. Cortana for Android will develop a user notification store in the cloud, which will let notifications mirror onto a Windows 10 PC, The Verge explains.

If you’re using a PC and receive a notification, you can reply to it using your computer instead of pulling out your phone, or dismiss it. The feature will also work with Windows 10 Mobile devices as well, but iPhone users will be left out of the fun.

The new feature is slated for a “future version of Windows,” Microsoft says, which means we could see it as early as this summer with the anticipated Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

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