Windows Vista Still Exists, But Will No Longer Have Microsoft Support April 11

Are you out there, Windows Vista users? If so, prepare yourself for the end: Microsoft will be pulling support for the operating system on April 11, sending it to wherever poorly received software goes when it dies.

Microsoft has provided 10 years of support for the operating system, but the company says it’s finally ready to put Vista out of its misery and invest its resources in “more recent technologies.”

“After April 11, 2017, Windows Vista customers will no longer receive new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates from Microsoft,” the company says.

If you just can’t say goodbye and continue to use Windows Vista after April 11, your computer will be vulnerable to security risks and viruses.

And because Internet Explorer 9 isn’t supported anymore either, surfing the web using Vista could expose your PC to additional threats, Microsoft points out.

Then there’s the fact that with several more recent versions of Windows, finding apps and devices that work with Vista will be increasingly difficult.

Microsoft says it’s also put the kibosh on Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows Vista. If you already have it installed, you will still receive antimalware signature updates — but only for a limited time, and it will have limited effectiveness.

Put plainly, “This means that PCs running Windows Vista will not be secure and will still be at risk for virus and malware,” Microsoft notes.

If you still want to be able to safely use your PC, Microsoft is urging Vista users to upgrade now to Windows 10. But if your PC is too old to run Windows 10, well, Microsoft says it “might be time to consider shopping for a new one.”

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