Coca-Cola Plans ‘Share A Coke’ Bottles With Song Lyrics Instead Of Names

The “Share a Coke” campaign was a huge success for Coca-Cola, boosting sales as people scooped up bottles with their own or family members’ names. Other than bringing names back for a third year in the United States, how could the beverage giant replicate the success? Instead of names, now they’re switching to song lyrics, which are less personalized but can sometimes be even more personal.



A few examples that a Coke executive shared with Buzzfeed News include famous lines from super-famous longs like “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers, or “We Are the Champions” by Queen. Those may be poor examples, actually, since the lyric shared for both of those is also the title of the song,

You’ll be able to hunt through coolers for your favorite lyrics starting in April, and the bottles will be available through summer. Coke plans to target different songs and genres of music to different regions, based on research about what’s popular in different parts of the country.

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