Trader Joe’s And Pepperidge Farm Settle Lawsuit Over Sandwich Cookies

Image courtesy of tonydolor

The food fight between Pepperidge Farm and Trader Joe’s over Belgian chocolate sandwich cookies has been put to bed, after the two sides agreed to settle their issues out of court.

For those who don’t remember, Pepperidge Farm sued Trader Joe’s in federal court late last year, claiming that the latter’s Crispy Cookies filled with chocolate were way too close to the company’s Milano brand.


The lawsuit sought undisclosed damages and to block Trader Joe’s from selling its sandwich cookie in the future.

So does this mean shoppers will have access to both kinds of cookies? It’s unclear, but seems likely: a lawyer representing Pepperidge Farm told the Associated Press on Wednesday that the two food companies had reached a “mutually satisfactory resolution” and agreed to make no further comments about their fight.

A judge then dismissed the case once Pepperidge Farm filed notice that it was withdrawing its lawsuit.

“We don’t comment on litigation,” a Trader Joe’s spokeswoman told Consumerist when reached for comment.

We also asked Pepperidge Farm for a statement, and will update this post if we hear back.

Trader Joe’s settles cookie lawsuit with Pepperidge Farm [Associated Press]

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