Whole Foods Shopper Says He Found Animal Bone In Trail Mix

Image courtesy of Glyn Lowe Photoworks

A New Jersey man who bought trail mix from Whole Foods says his snack came with an extra, unexpected crunch: the bone of an animal mixed in with the dried fruit and nuts.

The customer got in touch with Chasing News to tell his story. He says he was driving away from the store and was eating while he drove, when he bit down on something very hard.

“I pulled it out and examined it while I was driving and I handed it to my wife and asked her hey, ‘does this look like it’s a bone?’ She said yes, so I dumped it back in the bag and we called Whole Foods immediately. Nausea kicked in immediately,” he said.

He wrote a complaint that was taken and signed by a manager at the Whole Foods in question, and he also filed a complaint with the Camden County Board of Health.

His local vet confirmed that it was a small mammal bone, and he gave it to Chasing News for further identification as well. Veterinarians told the news show that it appeared to be perhaps a foot bone, possibly from some kind of rodent.

Chasing News says it also sent photos to a zoological pathology fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for consultation. She concluded that the bone most closely resembled a bone from the tarsal region of a small mammal. The bone appeared to be too large to belong to a common rat or mouse, she said.

When the show reached out to Whole Foods for comment — along with sending photos of the bone and the information it had received from two veterinarians and the zoology fellow — the company said that the news team had withheld the results of any lab examination of the “object allegedly found in one of our products,” and that it couldn’t speak directly to this claim.

Man says he discovered animal bone in Whole Foods Trail Mix [Chasing News]

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