Shoppers Still Think Whole Foods Is Too Expensive, Not Worth It

With more competitors in the market for healthy and organic foods, the grocery chain Whole Foods has had to lower its prices. The company is both planning a lower-priced offshoot chain and lowering prices in its current stores. According to a recent survey of their customers, that effort really isn’t paying off: customers still think that the chain is expensive and not worth the extra cost.

CNN reports (Warning: auto-play video) that a stock analyst looking for more information about how customers feel about the publicly-traded grocery chain conducted her own survey, and the results weren’t promising. While Whole Foods claims that it’s been making an effort to cut prices, 70% of respondents said that they hadn’t noticed any changes in store prices, and just under a quarter said that organic food is “always” better at Whole Foods than at competing stores that also sell organic products and produce.

Making the accusations that the chain is overpriced even worse, the store recently settled charges from the city of New York that stores in that city weighed store-made products inaccurately, extracting extra money from customers.

The problem with Whole Foods is that it’s a place where $6 bottles of “asparagus water” are actually plausible, and shoppers don’t feel that they’re getting good value for the money they spend there.

Whole Foods shoppers say its food not worth the price [CNN] (Warning: auto-play video)

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