Attention Comcast Customers: You Can Get A Bill Credit For Monday’s Cable TV Outage

If you’re a Comcast customer who experienced Monday’s nationwide TV service outage, you’re eligible to receive a bill credit from your cable provider. They aren’t going to issue one automatically, though: you have to call and ask for it.

Comcast says that the outage lasted “about 90 minutes” for most of their customers, affecting access to TV channels as well as video on demand. More people noticed than would have on a normal weekday, since Monday was a holiday from work and school for many people.

If it affected your area, you can call in for a refund covering approximately one whole day’s worth of video service. We checked with Comcast, and they confirmed that you should contact them using your normal favorite method of talking to customer service. Again, you have to know to ask for the bill credit for the outage: they will not issue it automatically.

(via CNN)

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