Lawyer Bombarded With Errant Texts Demanding Free Chipotle Burritos

On one end of the wrong-number spectrum is the lawyer who still gets calls and texts intended for Sir Mix-A-Lot, on the other end is the D.C.-area attorney who received some 300 text messages yesterday from people seeking free burritos from Chipotle.

Yesterday, with the restaurant chain temporarily closed for a company-wide meeting about safety, Chipotle attempted to appease hungry customers by offering them “raincheck” burritos.

You just had to text the word “raincheck” to the six-digit number 888-222. Except some people inexplicably tried to add a seventh digit. Doing so sends a text, not to Chipotle, but to whomever else in your area code has that phone number.

And so that, reports the Washington Post, is how one Maryland attorney ended up with hundreds of random “raincheck” texts on his phone yesterday.

The 64-year-old lawyer wrote back to tell the first texter they had the wrong number. That person apologized and explained the Chipotle deal.

“The first thing I did was get my free burrito, because I don’t dislike burritos,” he admits to the Post.

But then others in the 240 area code started making the same mistake, resulting in hundreds of unsuccessful request for a burrito. Some folks wouldn’t give up, sending upwards of five or six texts before he broke the bad news to them.

Not everyone was happy to hear about their inability to get a free Chipotle burrito from a telecom attorney who doesn’t work for the company.

“This isn’t fit to print, but the text was essentially ‘Get me my bleeping burrito you bleeping burrito, or I’ll bleepity bleep you,’ ” he tells the Post.

When the man contacted Chipotle to tell them about all the errant attempts to get a burrito, the company offered to send him some free meal coupons for his troubles.

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