Some Jerks Stole $160,000 Worth Of Cheese In Two Separate Thefts In Wisconsin

UPDATE: Police have recovered $70,000 worth of that stolen cheese.

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It’s bad enough when a thief hits the dairy case once, but Wisconsinites are holding their cheddar (extra) close after some jerks stole a combined $160,000 worth of cheese in the last few days.
The acts of cheese treachery started last week a big chunk of Parmesan cheese up and walked away from a business in Marshfield WI.

“Approximately $90,000 worth of Parmesan cheese was missing from a logistics or storage facility here in Marshfield,” a lieutenant with the Marshfield Police Department said in a statement (via WBAY News).

The crimes against dairy continued when a thief nabbed $70,000 worth of cheese on Friday, when a 54-foot long trailer packed with locally-made cheese was stolen from a trucking company in Germantown, reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

A semi-tractor used in the heist was found later that day, and the empty trailer was found in the general vicinity of Milwaukee eventually as well.

“We have recovered the trailer, minus the cheese,” a police lieutenant told WTMJ News. “This was not a one or two person job.”

The incidents are apparently unrelated, police say, and the locations of the two thefts are at least two hours apart — the first in the southeastern part of the state, and the second some 180 miles to the northwest. Police don’t know what the thieves have intended for the cheese… but I think I have a few guesses.

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