Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Are Planning A Game Boy Advance Karaoke Party

Back in 2003, MP3 players were relatively new and rare, and an interesting device hit the shelves at Best Buy: a Game Boy Advance peripheral that would turn your handheld gaming device into a handheld music and recording device. It went off the market at some time, probably around the same time that the Game Boy Advance itself did. Like all discontinued and long-obsolete electronics, though, it lives on…at Walmart.



The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are the brave retail archaeologists who comb big-box stores all over the world to look for retail antiquities, which are usually electronics of some sort.

This is probably a very fine device, and we’re sure that it was very respectable in 2003. The 32 MB CompactFlash card that it comes with could probably hold a whole dozen or so songs.

We are kind of surprised that someone apparently just recently dug it out of a distant shelf or a warehouse: that new price tag was just added in 2015. Some clearance.