Report: Amazon Debuting Cheaper, Portable Echo Speaker Soon

The current version of the Amazon Echo.

The current version of the Amazon Echo.

Amazon is reportedly getting ready to expand the Echo Speaker family, with plans to debut a new, smaller, cheaper, and portable version of the voice-activated device in a few weeks.

Amazon is expected to release the new version of its tabletop speaker soon, according to sources cited by The Wall Street Journal.

The current speaker rests on a tabletop and has to be plugged into an outlet. Beyond playing your favorite tunes, the Echo acts as a voice-activated assistant, making shopping lists and answering questions when asked. This new version — code named Fox — is designed to fit in the palm of a user’s hand, sort of like a beer or soda can, and is expected to sell for less than the $180 price of the current model.

It can also be charged on a docking station instead of having to stay plugged in. To preserve battery life, you’ll have to turn on the voice-command function with a button.

Any other details or photos will have to wait, as Amazon is staying mum on the WSJ’s report thus far.

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