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Extreme Turbulence On American Airlines Flight Sends 10 To Hospital

Like the roads we drive on everyday, some days the skies can be a little bit bumpy. But a recent American Airlines flight experienced more than a few hiccups over the weekend, hitting such extreme turbulence that 10 people were hospitalized. [More]

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Transatlantic United Airlines Flight Diverted After 12 Injured During Severe Turbulence

A United Airlines flight from Houston bound for London was diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland, after extremely bumpy skies injured 12 onboard. [More]

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Severe Turbulence Injures Five People On United Flight

Most of the time, turbulence is just an uncomfortable, if not almost inevitable part of flying. But then there are the times when turbulence is downright terrifying and a real danger. Three flight attendants and five passengers on a United Airlines flight yesterday from Denver to Billings, Mont. were injured when the plane hit turbulence so severe, people were tossed from their seats. [More]