Facebook Congratulates People Who Aren’t 46 On 46 Years Of Friendship With Their Friends

Friendship is great, and it should be celebrated. But Facebook is jumping the gun on honoring some of those relationships by dozens of years.

As Facebook users may know, every once in a while you’ll receive a “Facebook Friendship” message from the network reminding you that you clicked “accept” on a friend request with your neighbor X number of years ago.

While this can be a fun reminder of how you’ve interacted on the social networking site in the past, some users are reporting that they’ve received notifications that are way off, Mashable reports.

An apparent glitch on the social media site has resulted in some users receiving congratulations on 46 years of friendship with others, only most of those people are much younger than 46.

Case in point: me. I just checked my Facebook “On This Day” function and found that on Dec. 31, 1969 I became friends with 146 people.

First, I wasn’t alive in 1969, and Facebook only launched a decade ago.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 9.42.46 AM

It’s unclear what has caused the incorrect notification, but theories abound, including the belief that someone at Facebook is just having a bit of fun with a bug in the system, Mashable reports.

We’ve reached out to Facebook about the apparent glitch. We’ll update this post when we hear back.

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