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Walgreens Introduces In-Store Pickup For Online Orders

We’re not sure which shoppers have been sitting around dreaming of the day when they could place an online order and pick it up from their neighborhood drugstore, but Walgreens is making that scenario real by adding site-to-store to its e-commerce offering. Is this all a ploy to get you into a store? Yeah, pretty much. [More]


BJ’s Introduces Pick Up And Pay Service For People Who Dislike Walking Around Warehouse Clubs

Do you like shopping at a warehouse club, but don’t like the experience of actually walking around inside a warehouse club? BJ’s Wholesale Club is following the not-especially-hot trend of in-store pickup, allowing members to pick up online orders at their local club. They have to go fetch any perishable grocery items themselves, though. [More]

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Retailers Struggling With In-Store Pickup This Holiday Season

Ordering an item online and picking it up at the local outlet of a chain retailer is a great advance in e-commerce, but it seems more convenient than it is. Even when everything is working smoothly, it doesn’t actually save shoppers any time. The service hasn’t been operating smoothly at many retailers this holiday season, though: is it doomed to end up in the trash bin of business ideas that seemed like a good idea at the time? [More]

Kohl’s Rolls Out Buy Online, Pick Up In Store Nationwide

Kohl’s Rolls Out Buy Online, Pick Up In Store Nationwide

The ability to order something online and pick it up is very appealing to consumers, even though doing so apparently doesn’t save us any time. Now Kohl’s, another retailer that had been testing this delivery method in fewer than 10% of their stores, is rolling it out nationwide. [More]

Walmart Entices Shoppers To Try Online Grocery Pickup With Discounts

Walmart Entices Shoppers To Try Online Grocery Pickup With Discounts

Does the idea of placing an online grocery order at Walmart and then simply visiting the store to pick it up appeal to you? Walmart is now experimenting with a few pilot stores where you can do just that, and now they’re experimenting with special discounts to get customers to try it out. [More]


Is In-Store Pickup Any Faster Than Just Shopping At The Store?

For years, an increasing number of retailers have been pushing their “buy online, pickup in store” (BOPIS, for all you acronym lovers) option as a expedient option that offers the convenience of online shopping without the hassle of having to search the aisles. But is it really any faster than traditional bricks-and-mortar shopping? [More]