Boston Market-Branded Pork Products Recalled Due To Possible Plastic Or Glass Shards

porkribIt’s a logical move for chain restaurants to expand into frozen meals. A brand like Boston Market already has recognition among consumers, who see the name and logo and think, “comfort food containing meat.” The boneless pork rib (shaped patty)
from the Boston Market line of frozen meals is less comforting right now, though: it’s been recalled because there may be pieces of hard plastic or glass inside the meal.

The recall comes after multiple reports to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the government agency that regulates meals that contain meat. None of the customers were injured, but 326,016 meals have been recalled out of concern that more meals could be contaminated.

The meals were distributed nationwide, which means we don’t have any more precise information on where they could have been sold. Be safe and check your freezer. You can see the packaging above; look for “Use By” dates of 09/09/2016, 09/22/2016, 10/08/2016, 10/30/2016, and 12/14/2016.

The company says to return any affected meals to the retailer, or to throw the meal away. Call them at 1-800-446-5469 to make sure you have the right product before throwing away perfectly good pork patties.

Bellisio Foods, Inc. Recalls Boneless Pork Rib Frozen Entree Products Due To Possible Foreign Matter Adulteration [USDA]

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