Products From Hy-Vee, Albertsons, & Tom Thumb Recalled For Potentially Contaminated Milk Powder

Image courtesy of Julia Frost

The Great Powdered Milk Recall of 2016 has become even greater, expanding to include even more candy-coated items. It turns out that Hy-Vee and Albertsons also get their store-brand confections from Palmer Candy Company, which are part of a massive powdered milk recall.

ucm536986There’s a lot of milk caught up in this recall: the company behind it was raided by U.S. Marshals, who seized three million pounds of milk and buttermilk powder from Valley Milk in Virginia. The seizure was due to records showing Salmonella in the plant, including on fixtures after they had theoretically been cleaned.

This backstory means that these containers of peppermint bark or chocolate-covered pretzels are only potentially contaminated with Salmonella, but you’re still better off following the manufacturer’s directions and disposing of the snacks. No chocolate-covered pretzel is worth the symptoms of Salmonella, which include fever, diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Complications can include arterial aneurysms, arthritis, and endocarditis.

Products: Candy sold at Hy-Vee stores in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Chocolate Almond Bark, 4 oz. 26133400000
Chocolate Almond Bark, 12 oz. 26133300000
Chocolate Almond Pretzels, 4 oz. 26131900000
Chocolate Almond Pretzels, 12 oz. 26131800000
Crème De Menthe Almond Bark, 12 oz. 26266300000
Dazzled Peanut Brittle, 12 oz. 26267400000
Dazzled Peanut Brittle Tub, 8 oz. 26267300000
Holiday Candy Tray, 10”, 16 oz. 26139100000
Holiday Candy Tray, 12”, 32 oz. 26139300000
Holiday Candy Tray, 16”, 48 oz. 26139500000
Holiday Candy Tray, 18”, 64 oz. 26139700000
Peppermint Bark, 4 oz. 26133800000
Peppermint Bark, 12 oz. 26133700000
Peppermint Bark Tub, 9 oz. 26267900000
9” Candy Tray, 16 oz. 26138000000
12” Candy Tray, 32 oz. 26138100000
16” Candy Tray, 48 oz. 26138200000
9” Cookie & Candy Tray, 16 oz. 26138600000
12” Cookie & Candy Tray, 32 oz. 26138700000
16” Cookie & Candy Tray, 48 oz. 26138800000

Instructions: Return to the store for a full refund, or throw the product away. If you have questions, contact Hy-Vee at 1-800-772-4098.

Product: Palmer Candy products sold at Albertsons and Tom Thumb stores. They were sold in the bakery, and packaged in clear clamshell containers with scale labels.

Product Name
(Printed on scale label)
(Printed on scale label)
Sell Thru Date
(Printed on scale label)
(Printed on scale label)
Palmer Chocolate Almond Bark 0227123 804999 All Sell Thru dates up to and including Apr.10.17
(April 10, 2017)
8 oz.
Palmer Peppermint Bark 0227128 804994 All Sell Thru dates up to and including Apr.10.17
(April 10, 2017)
11 oz.
(Note: Pretzels are chocolate covered.)
0226575 602993 All Sell Thru dates up to and including Apr.10.17
(April 10, 2017)
5 oz.
Holiday Candy Tray 0226579 024999 All Sell Thru dates up to and including Mar.11.17
(March 11, 2017)
3 lb. 2 oz.
Palmer Candy Trio 0227129 908998 All Sell Thru dates up to and including Apr.10.17
(April 10, 2017)
1 lb. 7 oz.

Instructions: If you have any questions about the product or the recall, call Albertsons and Tom Thumb at 877-723-3929 or Palmer Candy Company at 712-258-5543.

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