Get A Golden Bud Light Can, Win A Remote Chance To Win Super Bowl Tickets

The premise of the Golden Ticket promotion in the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the two movies based on it was simple: there were five pieces of gold-colored paper hidden in chocolate bars all over the world, and the bearers of those tickets would get to visit Willy Wonka’s candy factory. The grown-up version of this promotion involves 37,000 golden-colored cans of beer hidden in cases of Bud Light, but only seven winners.

Wait… the people who find the golden cans don’t win anything? Most of them won’t. Finding a can means that you’ll be able to submit your entry by posting a photo with the can on social media or on Budweiser’s website.

The other 36,993 golden can recipients will have to console themselves with their shiny gold beer cans, since they don’t even get a tour of a Budweiser brewery.

Six people who enter their photos will receive season tickets for their favorite NFL team for one season. The grand prize winner receives a pair of Super Bowl tickets every year for life, or 51 years. That means Budweiser has a more optimistic view of its customers’ lifespans than Starbucks, where free coffee for life gets you 30 years’ worth of daily drinks.

If you live in California, the contest is easier to enter and doesn’t require buying or drinking any beer. The cans won’t be sold in that state, and you can enter by “take a picture showing [your] fan spirit” and posting it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the contest hashtags, #SBTix4Life and #Sweeps, adding #CA to signify that you’re entering from California.

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