T-Mobile Opens LTE Gates, Gives Customers Unlimited Access For 3 Months

It used to be that mobile phone customers actually talked on our phones a lot, and carriers limited our minutes while giving us unlimited data for our feature phones or Blackberries. Now, it’s the reverse: we have unlimited voice minutes, but limited data. As part of another attention-getting promotion, T-Mobile has announced that it plans to offer current Simple Choice customers unlimited LTE data for the next three months.

What’s the fine print? There’s always fine print on things like this.

Unlimited LTE: Does not include tethering. Other benefits of Unlimited LTE plan (e.g., Vudu movie rental) not included. Service may be restricted or terminated for misuse. See Open Internet page for network management practices.

No tethering, no illegal movie downloads, no using your phone to live stream your life around the clock: those are fair enough rules. Just don’t use two terabytes of data every month, or John Legere will hunt you down.

T-Mobile also promises other “surprise holiday gifts,” or special incentives to buy more stuff, for their customers and for potential switchers. They will offer special deals for current customers of each of their competitors in turn. What will those deals be? Let’s hope they’re more appealing than the data overage fees that Sprint is offering to people switching from other carriers during their “cut your bill in half” promotion.

(via 9to5Mac)

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