What Are Your Favorite Funny Store-Brand Item Names?

Creating house-brand products for a grocery or discount store means making a choice: you can either describe exactly what it is on the box, or riff in some way on the name of the brand-name product. For example, there’s the Food Lion version of a famous margarine brand, the oddly-punctuated “Isn’t it butter.” Shouldn’t that be a question?


Thanks, Tom!

My all-time favorite store-brand cereal name is Crispy Hexagons, a generic version of Life Crispix cereal, which you can find at grocery stores under the Delhaize Group brand, like Hannaford and Food Lion.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 6.17.22 PM

What are your favorite store-brand names that you’ve spotted? Here’s the catch: you have to provide a photo, an ad, or a listing on the merchant’s website: there needs to be some proof that the product is real.

We’ll publish the best submissions on Wednesday, November 25th, so get them in by 1 PM Eastern on that day. Send to tips@consumerist.com with the words “HOUSE BRAND” in the subject line.

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