Man Facing Assault Charges For Allegedly Throwing Sandwich At A Fellow Restaurant Patron

Food fights are always hilarious in movies and on TV, but lest you get the urge to use your meal as a weapon against your fellow diner, take heed: you could end up facing assault charges if that brawl leads to police involvement.

A Virginia man has been charged with assault after an altercation at a pizza restaurant, according to the Fairfax City police department (via the Associated Press), though the alleged crime did not involve an actual pizza.

Police say a drunken New Jersey man winged a sandwich at another man and then drove away. The victim wasn’t injured in the incident, so it’s my guess that this was not a piping hot meatball sub we’re talking about. Instead, he tailed the suspect until police arrived and pulled the alleged sandwich thrower over.

It’s unclear what started the dispute in the first place, but the suspect was charged with assault and battery, driving under the influence of alcohol and refusal of a blood and breath test. In a perfect world, wasting a perfectly good sandwich would also be included.

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