Here’s Why You Should Meet Your New Puppy In Person First

puppers_photoIt’s frustrating when you want a specific type of pet, and there aren’t any available near you. However, one family learned the hard way that it’s can be unwise to order a puppy from an unverified breeder on the other side of the country. They found a cute puppy and sent cash, then came to realize that they were sending money after a puppy that wasn’t real.


The website they bought the pup through seemed real enough, and the seller even sent videos of the dog napping and playing with her littermates. Wanting to cuddle her through the screen didn’t bring her into reality, though. They first sent $655 as a deposit and shipping fee.

Then a company claiming to be a delivery service contacted the family and demanded $980.76 in life insurance for the dog. Life insurance? There are risks to transporting flat-nosed canines in hot weather, but the dog was coming from Pennsylvania.

That’s when a strange response came from the website that he bought the puppy from, which had since disappeared.

When CBS Sacramento got involved, the breeder reacted poorly, later issuing a refund.

I have decided not to give you any details of where the puppy is exactly…This is just sick and ridiculous of your business organization… so you better watch out

Do you know what’s sick and ridiculous? Demanding more and more money from someone whose daughter has already fallen in love with an imaginary puppy.

Call Kurtis: My $1,600 Purebred Puppy Never Showed Up [CBS Sacramento]

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