Late Pizza Delivery Driver Calls Customer Morally Bankrupt And Fat

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Pizza Pizza is a chain restaurant that some readers outside of Canada might remember faintly from a line in a Moxy Fruvous song. No? All you need to know is that it’s a pizza chain, it delivers, and it has a 40-minute guarantee. If your pizza arrives in 41 minutes, it’s free. Simple enough: unless the driver gets mad about it.

Two sisters in Toronto ordered a pizza earlier this week, and they were regulars at the local Pizza Pizza. Normally, they would receive their delivery within twenty minutes, so after 40 minutes had passed, they called customer service. When the driver arrived shortly afterward, they handed him the phone so he would know that they didn’t owe any money. Pizza transaction complete, right? No. That’s when the texts started, the sister who went to the door explained to the Toronto Star.

The driver claimed to have called multiple times before knocking on the door, and that the sisters didn’t answer.

Here’s a partial transcript, with rage-texting errors lightly corrected.

U know.. maybe u should use all that spare energy and time in strategizing on how to get a free pizza out of people and use it towards learning how to pick up ur cell phone…

Its not a healthy state of mind trying to cheat small hardworking business owners who make an honest living out of their money

U know I called three times before 1237am due time but it is really funny how u kept such a straight poker face when accepting the free pizza

I don’t know how you can enjoy eating a cheated pizza with a straight conscience… if I were u I know I couldn’t..

Then the driver remembered that not only was he mad at the woman, but food was involved, so he called her fat.


Ultimately, this wasn’t about paying for the pizza: it was about the driver altering the terms of the deal. If Pizza Pizza wants to offer a “40 minutes and it’s free, but the driver will berate you” guarantee, they could advertise that. That’s not why you give your cell phone number to a pizza place.

Eventually, they contacted a regional manager, who explained that the driver “didn’t understand the protocol” for what happens when a customer gets a free pizza, and had been fired.

Now the sister who received the pizza and spoke to the media says that she’s fearful for her safety: the driver doesn’t like her, and now she got him fired, while he has her sister’s cell number and knows where she lives.

Pizza Pizza gave her a courtesy credit for a future delivery, but she says that she doesn’t plan to use it.

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