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Late Pizza Delivery Driver Calls Customer Morally Bankrupt And Fat

Pizza Pizza is a chain restaurant that some readers outside of Canada might remember faintly from a line in a Moxy Fruvous song. No? All you need to know is that it’s a pizza chain, it delivers, and it has a 40-minute guarantee. If your pizza arrives in 41 minutes, it’s free. Simple enough: unless the driver gets mad about it. [More]

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Best Buy Closes Future Shop Stores, Will Turn Half Into Best Buys

Future Shop is the best name ever given to an electronics retailer, and also a chain in Canada that for the last 14 years has been owned by Best Buy. Best Buy also operates stores in Canada, which means that Future Shop has really been competing with itself. Until now. All of Future Shop’s current stores closed abruptly this weekend, and half will soon re-open as Best Buy stores. [More]

A La Carte Cable Channel Pricing Is Coming… To Canada

A La Carte Cable Channel Pricing Is Coming… To Canada

Today’s media consumers are so picky. They’ve come to resist the idea that they must pay hundreds of dollars every year to receive three hundred cable channels when they only watch maybe five of them. A recent government regulatory board decision means that consumers will have more choice over which specific channels they subscribe to and pay for in the near future. The bad news: It’s the Canadian government. [More]