Target Will Open At 6:00 PM On Thanksgiving Day

We could be incredibly lazy today, since it turns out that Target’s Black Friday plans are pretty much identical to what they did last year. They’re opening at 6 PM on Thanksgiving Day, which is also what they did last year. They’re starting Black Friday-style deals on November 9 instead of November 10, so we’d have to change that. Otherwise? Pretty much the same.

In their announcement of the opening time and deals, Target points out that they try to mostly use volunteers to work on the holiday, who receive extra pay and another, unnamed reward. While 6 PM is relatively late, we hope that Target and other stores opening in the afternoon serve up a nice turkey dinner anyway.

The discounter’s Black Friday deals will include electronics and toys, including gaming consoles and telvisions. Some deals will start this week, and others will be available on Wednesday.

Target Debuts Black Friday Promotional Strategy, Stores to Open at 6 p.m. [Target]

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