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Charmin Shaves A Fraction Of An Inch Off Wet Wipes For Adults

Charmin Shaves A Fraction Of An Inch Off Wet Wipes For Adults

There’s still disagreement between wet wipes manufacturers and plumbers and sewage workers about whether “flushable” wet wipes should actually be flushed. What we do know is that one brand of adult wipes, Charmin, has shrunk their product slightly so there’s slightly less in each square to flush. Or not flush. You probably shouldn’t flush them. [More]

Oh, the horror.

15-Ton “Fatberg” Lodged In Sewer System Is Disgusting Reminder Not To Flush Baby Wipes

The thing which we are about to discuss is by no means for the faint of stomach. Back away from all things globular in your lunch and turn off your “ugh” receptors. There’s a 15-ton fatberg heading our way and if we don’t hit this thing just right, we’re all going down. Side note: Is 101 years too soon for Titanic jokes? [More]


Sewage Workers’ Request: Please Stop Flushing Disposable Wipes, You’re Clogging The Pipes

Just because something is marketed as disposable or flushable, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good thing for city sewer systems. In fact, many of workers are now begging us as a nation to stop flushing disinfecting wipes or those “use these when toilet paper just isn’t enough” wipes, because they end up clogging pipes down the line. [More]