Police: United Airlines Passenger Walked Onto Plane, Claimed He Had A Bomb In His Bag

Whether you’re lying or telling the truth, the thing about saying you have a bomb in your bag on an airplane is you’ll get in trouble either way: a Massachusetts man has a court date this morning after walking onto a United Airlines flight last night out of Boston and allegedly announcing that he was carrying an explosive device.

According to Massachusetts State Police, the man boarded his flight last night and told other passengers that he was carrying a bomb in his bag. That more than likely caught the attention of his fellow travelers, as police then boarded the plane to investigate his alleged statements.

The 55-year-old man was ultimately arrested for making a false bomb threat.

The flight was delayed for about 50 minutes, while the passenger was delayed significantly longer: he was booked at the State Police Barracks at Logan Airport and held on $250 bail. His arraignment is scheduled for this morning in Boston.

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