Uber, New Jersey Town Partner To Offer Residents Free Rides After A Night On The Town

uberlogodogsSince its launch, Uber has had a somewhat contentious relationship with cities and municipalities over the legality of its services. But in an interesting turn of events, the ride-hailing app is actually partnering with one town, offering free rides for citizens that may have had a few too many adult beverages. 

Uber has teamed up with Evesham Township, NJ, to offer residents free rides home in hopes they won’t get behind the wheel after visiting one of the city’s many local watering holes, cutting down on the number of drunken driving cases, Reuters reports.

Under the partnership, which is funded through donations, Uber will provide free rides to anyone drinking between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. in at least 19 alcohol-serving establishments within the city.

“We’re dealing with people who might’ve had too much to drink, so we needed to make it so easy for them to open their iPhone and push a button,” Evesham Mayor Randy Brown tells Reuters.

A spokesperson with Uber says the partnership was initiated through Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and that it is working with other towns to create similar programs.

The town, currently on pace to have more than 250 DUIs in 2015, has also started another free ride option through mobile app BeMyDD, which allows people to hire a driver get them and their car home.

Both partnerships run through Jan. 2.

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