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FCC Eases Transparency Requirements For More ISPs, Hints At Coming Net Neutrality Fight

It’s been most of a month now since noted net neutrality foe Ajit Pai took over the chairman’s seat at the FCC. Today the Commission held its regular monthly open meeting — the first of Pai’s tenure — giving us a glimpse into what we’re likely to see from the Commission in coming months. [More]


You Can Now Hail A Self-Driving Uber In San Francisco

If you want to hail a ride in San Francisco, but don’t want to deal with that pesky “talking to the driver” thing, Uber has good news for you. The ridesharing service has expanded its fleet of autonomous vehicles-for-hire to its home market. [More]


Uber’s Self-Driving Pickups Start Today In Pittsburgh

The next time Pittsburgh residents hail an Uber, they could have a new option: the company is kicking off its self-driving car pickup service in the city today. [More]