Taco Bell Folds Croissants In Half, Calls Them Tacos

A croissant is a crescent-shaped, flaky pastry that consists of butter incidentally held together with some flour and egg. Taco Bell is a restaurant with a menu of inexpensive Tex-Mex food and a very loose definition of what a “taco” is. Put them together and you end up with… flat croissants folded in half to form breakfast tacos?

The chain’s breakfast tacos so far have consisted of waffles and biscuits folded and half and filled with eggs and sausage. Yet Taco Bell remains unsatisfied, looking for more things to fold in half and call “tacos.” Since May, reports have been surfacing that they’re testing croissant tacos. We learned about it this week from Brand Eating.

Early versions were regular-shaped croissants cut most of the way down the center with food stuffed inside. The more advanced version in these promo photos looks like a round, flat bread made from croissant dough and then folded in half like the waffles and biscuits.

What bread should Taco Bell taco-ify next? French toast or pancakes would be easy enough to try this with, but if they move on to other breakfast bread-like objects, I can’t wait to see them try to fold a bagel in half.

Taco Bell Tests Croissant Tacos [Brand Eating]

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