McDonald’s Testing Sales Of Monster Energy Drinks In Five States

Need a little pick-me-up after a greasy burger and fry value meal? McDonald’s thinks it has the answer: sell energy drinks. 

The Golden Arches is testing sales of Monster energy drinks in about 20 restaurants around the country, Bloomberg reports.

“We’re always gathering feedback from customers on the food and beverages they’d like to be served at McDonald’s and this is another example,” the company said in statement.

The tests, which actually began over the summer, are taking place in Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Florida and Illinois.

Customers looking for a little energy bump via the caffeinated drink have to shell out a bit more cash: the beverages are typically sold as part of a value meal for an extra $1.50 charge.

Whiel customers have long been able to order soft drinks, water and juice with their McDonald’s meals, the addition of Monster drinks isn’t exactly unusual.

Monster formed a pact last year with Coca-Cola that transferred all of its U.S. and Canada distribution to the soft drink giant. And McDonald’s just happens to have a long-standing supply contract with Coca-Cola.

So far, analysts tell Bloomberg that the tests have generated incremental revenue and traffic for stores.

McDonald’s testing Monster energy drinks [Bloomberg]

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