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Judge Dismisses Claims That Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine Cheated Early Beats Partner

After Beats Electronics and Music scored $3 billion when it became part of Apple, not everyone was happy. A former partner of Beats executives Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, for one, who sued the pair in 2015, claiming they’d swindled him out of money that should’ve been his. A judge has now dismissed key claims in the former partner’s lawsuit. [More]

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Nick Cannon Insists That RadioShack Has Always Been Cool

Don’t ask rapper and actor Nick Cannon how he’s going to make RadioShack cool now that he’s their spokesman and “chief creative officer.” That, my electronics-shopping friends, is not his job. That’s because The Shack never stopped being cool. Got it? They’re just marginally cooler now that they have Nick Cannon’s own brand of headphones. Yeah, that’s it. [More]


Monster Unveils New Headphones, Declares Return Of Boombox, Teases Partnership With Bentley

After taking a break from his high-energy emceeing duties at CES 2015, Monster CEO Noel Lee (and his blinged-out Segway) returned to the CES International stage this morning to declare that “Monster is back in the game,” with the company re-entering the gaming world and announcing some sort of partnership with luxury carmaker Bentley.


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McDonald’s Testing Sales Of Monster Energy Drinks In Five States

Need a little pick-me-up after a greasy burger and fry value meal? McDonald’s thinks it has the answer: sell energy drinks.  [More]

Apple Revokes “Made For iPhone” License For Monster Headphones

Apple Revokes “Made For iPhone” License For Monster Headphones

There’s nothing like a lawsuit to break up what appears to be a rather cozy and lucrative relationship. And that’s exactly what appears to be happening between Monster and Apple, with the accessories company saying the iPhone maker has revoked its authority to make licensed accessories for iOS devices because of a pending lawsuit against Apple subsidary Beats. [More]


Lawsuit Accuses Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine Of Cheating Former Beats Electronics Partner

Beats Electronics and Music certainly got a tidy sum to become a part of Apple, in fact, the $3 billion deal is the iPhone maker’s largest acquisition to date. But a lawsuit from a former partner of Beats executives Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine claims that the duo swindled him out of his chunk of that very lucrative pie. [More]

Shaquille O'Neal announced Monster's newest wireless speaker, the SuperStar BackFloat, during CES. He then attempted to drop a beat while Monster director of product development Vern Smith dropped it like it was hot.

Monster Announces Waterproof, Floatable Speaker; Thinnest In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

The Monster press conference at CES was filled with all of the things we’ve become accustomed to from the headphone and audio company, including celebrity appearances and new product unveils. But one aspect of the typically amusing showcase was noticeably absent: founder and CEO Noel Lee and his gold Segway. [More]

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Beastie Boys Win $1.7M In Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Monster

After seeking $2 million in damages from Monster Energy for using the band’s songs without permission in promotional videos, the Beastie Boys will walk away from the legal battle with $1.7 million. Monster had argued that it should only fork over $125,000, and the company says it plans to appeal the decision. [via NPR News] [More]


Beastie Boys Want $2M From Monster For Copyright Infringement, Unauthorized Use Of Band’s Coolness

Listen, when someone’s got their own cool, it’s very bad manners to try to use some of that cool without asking permission first. Because clearly, we all own our personal coolness. Or at least we should, and that’s part of the reason the Beastie Boys are asking for $2 million from Monster for trying to benefit from that without permission. [More]

Prosecutors Joining In Bi-Coastal Investigation Into Whether Monster Markets Drinks To Kids

Prosecutors Joining In Bi-Coastal Investigation Into Whether Monster Markets Drinks To Kids

Despite the geographic distance between them, the San Francisco city attorney and New York’s state attorney general are joining forces to investigate together where Monster Beverage is marketing its energy drinks to kids. It’s unclear, however, if they’re sharing some sort of super secret, underground lair in like, Nebraska. [More]

The six of us will each have to chip in and share, but we'd all look pretty sexy rolling up to Costco in these wheels.

We’re Thinking About Picking Up One Of These $4.5 Million Lamborghinis

Among all the TVs, appliances and other mundane products on display at CES is this $4.5 million Lamborghini Veneno Roadster that we think would look really good parked in the secret underground garage of the Consumerist Cave. [More]

UFC champ Anthony Pettis announcing the Octagon headphones with Monster CEO Noel Lee.

Monster Announces Headphones From UFC, Adidas & TV Shows

It was 9 a.m. on the Monday of CES week here in Vegas, which could only mean one thing: Monster founder and CEO Noel Lee was going to cruise out onstage on his Segway to the hoots and hollers of the press waiting for him to introduce his annual lineup of celebrities and product models. [More]

Monster Ditches "Cable," Dives Head-First Into Overpriced Headphones

Monster Ditches "Cable," Dives Head-First Into Overpriced Headphones

At a press conference that was more pep rally than information session, the folks at Monster Cable — strike that, they are just “Monster” now — didn’t show a single inch of the high-priced connectors they are (in)famous for. Instead, the company rolled out a whole host of top-dollar headphones and other products. [More]

Lawsuit: Man's Monster Energy Drink Flavored With Dead Mouse

Lawsuit: Man's Monster Energy Drink Flavored With Dead Mouse

A man in Washington state hasn’t consumed a beverage from a can in more than a year. It’s hard to blame him: he claims that more than a year ago, he discovered a mouse at the bottom of his Monster energy drink. Now he’s suing Hansen Beverage Company, the maker of Monster. His lawyer and Monster’s insurer ran tests, and independent lab results prove the mouse’s identity. [More]

Monster Energy Trains Legal Guns On Beverage Review Website

Monster Energy Trains Legal Guns On Beverage Review Website

When you’re working on developing a reputation as a trademark bully, it’s good to go after multiple targets. We guess that’s why the website has received notice that it should remove any advertisement and sale of Monster Energy drinks from its site. The only problem is, it doesn’t advertise or sell drinks—it reviews them. And it didn’t give Monster Energy a good review.

Who Is Mourning The Death Of Circuit City? Monster Cable

Who Is Mourning The Death Of Circuit City? Monster Cable

The notoriously litigious manufacturers of insanely and (some would argue) needlessly expensive cables, Monster Cable, are apparently hurting after the death of Circuit City. USAToday says that the company is slashing prices in order to increase market share.

Monster Cable Drops Suit Against Monster Mini Golf

Monster Cable Drops Suit Against Monster Mini Golf

Monster Cable has decided to stop pursuing a trademark infringement against Monster Mini Golf. Judging by the post-settlement letter Noel sent the MiniGolf people, it seems that after both parties kicked their lawyers out of the room and talk directly, they were able to come to an amicable solution. Monster Cable will stop opposing the MiniGolf trademark and will cover MonsterMini Golf’s attorney fees. Noel’s letter, inside:


Monster Cable has agreed to drop a heavily mocked (by us, anyway) trademark lawsuit against Monster Mini Golf after a private phone call between the founders of the two companies. Great, now you won’t be able to tell if you’re playing mini golf or being gouged by a cable manufacturer. [] (Thanks to Trever!)