Naked Woman Trashed Subway Restaurant, ‘Appeared To Be On Drugs’

We don’t know what a woman spent two hours doing in the bathroom before she went on a rampage and trashed a Subway restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska, but one of her agenda items was “remove clothing.” Police say that she emerged from the restaurant and started to destroy the furniture, tear down ceiling tiles, and cause general mayhem.

Police attribute her erratic behavior to synthetic marijuana, making this yet another case of a person opting for the lab-created stuff while living in a state where recreational use of real pot is legal. Synthetic stuff, called “spice” in some regions, is significantly cheaper and doesn’t show up on drug tests. The major downside is that it may make you strip naked and rampage through a sandwich shop. Apparently.

The Subway is in rough shape, and the woman is now in police custody. At least she hasn’t landed in the hospital, which is usually how users of frequently-changing synthetic marijuana blends make the news.

Naked woman destroys Subway restaurant in Anchorage [KTUU]

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