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Reality Check: Airlines Won’t Stop Overbooking (And You Won’t Get Rich Being Bumped)

Despite promises from United Airlines and Delta Air Lines to boost compensation for bumped passengers and Southwest Airline’s vow to do away with the practice altogether, you probably aren’t going to score $10,000 the next time you fly — and there’s still a chance your flight will be overbooked in the future. [More]

Netflix Binge Scale Reveals Which Shows Turn Us Into Unmoving Couch Potatoes

Netflix Binge Scale Reveals Which Shows Turn Us Into Unmoving Couch Potatoes

We’ve all got them, those shows that have the power to keep us glued to our couches, in front of a screen, watching each and every episode available until it feels like nothing else exists. Netflix knows it too, and has released a new Binge Scale that it says reveals which programs we’re most likely to sacrifice our social lives to. [More]

Adios, little buddy.

Your Addiction To Playing ‘Flappy Bird’ Is The Reason It’s Gone Forever

Eyes glazed, staring at the screen, a tiny pearl of drool juuust forming at the crease of a slack-jawed mouth… The Flappy Bird addicts out there (and you know who you are) only have themselves to blame for the game vanishing from app stores, says its developer. [More]


Six-Year-Old Twins Playing iPad Game Rack Up $1,600 Worth Of Virtual Pets

While adults have the ability to pause and reflect on whether or not a virtual pet is a necessity, a six-year-old is probably going to see that digital dog and immediately want it, and need to have it. Or a pair of twins that age managed to spend $1,600 of their parents’ money through in-app purchases while playing a game on an iPad. [More]

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88-Year-Old McDonald’s Worker Not Ready To Retire Because Sitting At Home Is Boring

At the end of the workday, your slippered feet up on the ottoman, fuzzy bathrobe in place and TV remote in hand, you might think — “I’ll do this all the time, once I retire.” Not so for one of McDonald’s oldest workers, who at 88 says he’s not ready to retire from the fast food world and instead, will “carry on until I drop.” [More]