Truck Full Of Tofu, Organic Drinks Goes Missing From Safeway Parking Lot

This tofu-loving hamster (probably) didn't steal the delivery truck. (pyza*)

This tofu-loving hamster (probably) didn’t steal the delivery truck. (pyza*)

If we were going to steal a semi truck full of something from a grocery store (we would never do something like that, and we suggest you don’t either), it certainly wouldn’t be one brimming with tofu and organic health drinks. But those items were apparently appealing to one Oregon thief Tuesday when he made off with a truck full of the products. 

Portland police say they are looking for a large truck stolen from an area Safeway store around 9:30 a.m. today.

Officers responded to the store after receiving a report that a refrigerated truck was missing from the parking lot.

The driver of the truck told police that he went into the store for about 20 minutes, and when he returned outside, the healthy food delivery truck was missing.

The rather nondescript white 2007 vehicle, owned by Seattle-based R&K Foods, is an Isuzu box-style truck with Washington license plates C69952D. The front and rear doors contain a “99” sticker.

Authorities say the currently have no suspects in the case.

[via Oregon Live]

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