Unconfirmed: Cupcake-Flavored Oreos Are Coming

filledcupcakeNabisco vowed to stop the Oreo flavor leaks, but it looks like they’re back! This flavor appears to be… chocolate and creme filling. That’s not actually a flavor, but the theme is a filled chocolate cupcake. The leaker says that it’s due out in January 2016. As always, we’ll check with Nabisco, and they probably won’t answer. [Instagram]

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  1. DaddyBee says:

    I have tried several Oreo varieties (like Birthday cake, etc.) – but each time have found that the original Oreo is simply superior in just about every way.

    For instance, I found the introduced flavors to be harmful to the overall experience rather than enhancing the flavor.

    I am therefore dropping out of the Oreo craze, and when enjoying them, will stick to the plain old regular version of chocolate cookies and vanilla creme.